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Trusting Your Intuition

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

I believe with a passion that we all have intuition but because of modern day conveniences, many of us have forgotten to tap into it. No longer do we have to search for water - we simply turn on the tap. Our intuition is one of our most valuable senses and like a muscle - you must use it daily and pay attention to the feelings that run through your body or cross your mind. My whole life, I just knew things. As a child my mother - a gifted psychic in her own right - would scold me to be quiet if I knew someone wasn't telling the truth - I didn't understand what was happening to me. I didn't realize I could see through people, hear spirit or see the dearly departed.

Over the last several years, I have gone through many traumatic moments that forced me to listen, react and quite literally, save many lives. I am so utterly grateful, beyond words that I listened to what I heard and had faith to trust. I found myself reading for patients in hospitals, then for the stunned staff, their friends, family members and then baffling countless doctors. Truth be told - I have read for people my entire life, making predictions about classmates, love, business, new opportunities and perhaps even a few ordinary people who became Oscar, Grammy and Emmy award winners.

I want you to listen. Take a deep breath, ground yourself and listen to your heart. You know if something isn't quite right about someone or a situation. Always remember: Your intuition can save your life.

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