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Mindful Forgiveness

Mindful Forgiveness

"Mindful forgiveness is your mental decision to consciously choose to disempower the resentment by energetically releasing the incident from your thoughts, rendering it powerless so you can move forward for your inner peace, happiness and healing." Kelly Browne Five-time best-selling author Kelly Browne joins Leah to discuss the power of mindful forgiveness. How can we do it? When should we do it? What's in the way of forgiving others, and ourselves? This conversation is meant to open your heart and your mind to what is possible in the next steps of your healing journey. Five time best-selling author, Kelly Browne is the go-to gratitude expert on thank-you note etiquette for adults and kids. She lives in Los Angeles, using social media to promote the “magic of gratitude" and "mindful forgiveness." Her advice has appeared in Parade, The Wall Street Journal, eHow, Tinyprints, and Jezebel—among many others—along with TV and podcast appearances. Leah is a 3x author, intuitive healer and inspirational speaker. She uses her personal triumphs over addictions, rape, anxiety, eating disorders along with more than two decades experience helping people make positive and lasting change in their lives. A sought-after inspirational speaker, Leah has appeared on top media outlets as an expert on mind-body connection, energy medicine, emotional healing, mindfulness and spirituality, and is host of The Modern Sage Podcast: For more information visit: Follow on social media: @leahguylive
Unleashing the Power Within: Transform Yourself and Create Your Dream Life w/ Kelly Browne | Ep. 03

Unleashing the Power Within: Transform Yourself and Create Your Dream Life w/ Kelly Browne | Ep. 03

In this episode of Dope Designer Club, we are honored to host Kelly Browne, author of the powerful new book on mindful forgiveness. Join us as Kelly shares her early days as a writer, her journey of healing, and the transformational power of intuition and gratitude. Through her new book, Kelly reveals how the practice of forgiveness can help us let go of the past, move beyond resentment and reclaim our power. Her words are powerful, insightful and inspiring, making this a must-watch episode for anyone on their own path of growth and self-discovery. As a creative, Kelly has always believed in the power of writing and creative thinking as tools for personal transformation. Her newfound awareness and self-understanding have transformed her life and are now guiding others as they seek to achieve their own personal breakthroughs. Tune in for an engaging conversation that will challenge you to think deeply about the power of forgiveness, the role of intuition in our lives, and the importance of acknowledging and expressing gratitude every day. Get inspired and empowered to more boldly and creatively pursue your dreams and live a life of purpose. Join us in welcoming Kelly Browne to the Dope Designer Club community, and let's grow together as we explore the transformative power of forgiveness and creative thinking. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel and hit that notification bell so you never miss an episode of our thought-provoking content. #DopeDesignerClub #KellyBrowne #MindfulForgiveness #HCIBooks #CreativeThinking #TransformYourLife #Intuition #Gratitude #PersonalGrowth #SelfDiscovery #PowerOfForgiveness #Inspirational #Empowering #DeepThinking #PurposefulLiving #PersonalBreakthroughs #Community #SubscribeAndJoinUs #NeverMissAnEpisode #YouTubeOptimized #Description #Powerful #Enticing #Viewers #tunein 00:00:00 Intro 00:00:10 About Kelly 00:01:18 Growing up in LA 00:02:09 The other face of Hollywood 00:03:45 Learning to use typewriter 00:07:10 Kind of people desirable for collaboration 00:08:54 Hard work behind creative industries 00:10:13 Career shift 00:12:55 Gratitude notes 00:17:37 Lessons from Africa 00:18:40 (Re)Creating a life 00:19:56 Layers of forgiveness 00:24:04 Publishing a book 00:25:25 How do you move on after a tragedy? 00:28:06 The concept of carrying the stone 00:32:30 Forgiving is releasing 00:35:02 Less is more - celebrating life 00:38:54 Intuition vs. fear vs. creativity... vs. technology?! 00:44:03 The urge to reconnect with nature 00:48:23 Doing yoga - the onion effect 00:50:38 Nourishing spirits 00:53:56 What excites Kelly Browne? 00:59:00 About Kelly's mentors 01:00:38 One last piece of wisdom Thank you for your attention!
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