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4 Tips for Easy Holiday - Christmas or Hanukkah Thank You Notes for Kids & Teens

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

As we celebrate and ring in the New Year, it is the perfect time to encourage our children to count their blessings and remember all the things they are grateful for by writing thank-you notes for the gifts they received. Sound old fashioned? No way! Research has shown that having the mindfulness of appreciation for what we have in this world leads to happier and healthier lives.

· Create a Blessings List: The first step in a mindful thank you, is teaching our children self-care gratitude. Have them make a list or keep a journal of all the things they are grateful for in their lives, what they love about themselves, and embrace their accomplishments so they can empower themselves!

· Thank You Note Box: Create a box with notecards, pens, crayons, stamps, stickers and sample fill-in-the-blank thank you notes so they can copy them or find inspiration. If they can’t write a note, drawing or coloring is perfect. Simply, make it effortless to get everyone’s thank you notes done. This is a great lesson on the mindful importance of thanking people for the gifts they have given us so they keep on coming our way.

Fill-in-th-Blanks Thank You notes for Kids and Teens

· Words of Appreciation: Take some inspiration from these simple fill-in-the-blank ideas – remember, saying “thank you” is most important! Don’t forget your envelope is just as essential as your thank-you note!

Sample Gift Card Thank You: Dear _______, Thank you for the gift card to (name of store)! It’s truly the perfect gift for me, and I can pick out exactly what I want. Thank you for your generosity and for always finding me the most amazing (name of holiday) presents! Happy everything! Peace, _______

Sample Holiday Gift Thank You: Dear _______, How did you know exactly what I wanted for (name of holiday)! I have been wanting the (name of gift) so much you don’t even know! I really appreciate your thoughtfulness. Wishing you a Happy New Year! Love, _____

· Digital Thank Yous: The “golden rule” is to always send a handwritten note – it makes an impact and shows the person who took the time to give you a gift how appreciative you are. If you must make it digital, here is an idea to help capture the moment!

Sample Digital Gift Thank You: Dear _____, Words could not express my excitement when I opened your (name of holiday) gift! Thank you for bringing joy to my world! I just love it! Merry everything! (photo) Thank you, _____

The next time you give or receive, be mindful – feel the magic of gratitude as it fills you up…that spark is contagious – pass it on. Kelly Browne, Best Selling Author - 101 Ways to Say Thank You: for Kids & Teens – All-Occasion Thank-You Note Templates, Social Media Etiquette & Gratitude Guide (Cedar Fort). Available at retailers everywhere.


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