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7 Tips for Effortless Holiday Thank-You Notes

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Bring your joy to the world and spread your holiday cheer – send a thank-you note on National Thank-You Note Day, December 26th! As seen on

No matter what your spiritual beliefs, the joys of the holiday season are exciting as we are swept up in a winter wonderland of brightly colored lights, striped candy canes, and glittering Christmas trees. It’s a joyful time of giving to each other, shopping for presents, thanking clients, festive dinners, celebrating miracles and commemorating events that changed mankind forever. Now more than ever before, Thank-You Note Day on December 26th, is an opportunity to express our gratitude for all the gifts we have received, not only during the holidays, but throughout the year.

With the excitement of the festivities, it’s easy to put off writing our thank-you notes until far after New Year’s, simply because it’s been such a busy time – for everyone. Remember, no matter how old you are, handwritten thank-you notes are coveted timeless keepsakes, especially in the riot of technology we have embraced. A one of a kind treasure, written in the hand of a loved one, your choice of stationery, ink, stamps and words makes a powerful statement. There’s no doubt, when you receive a handwritten note or letter in the mail, your heart skips a beat and embraces the love that was sent to you.

So before you head back to school or work, here are some tips and sample thank-you notes to keep you surrounded with the magic of gratitude on National Thank You Note Day and always:

  • Do give gratitude. Personalized stationery always makes a wonderful one-of-a kind gift for everyone in your life. With endless choices and styles to suite every personality at check out the stationery gift sets, personal embossers, colorful inspiring notebooks or simply send a gift card. The possibilities are endless. Tip: Include an inspiring quote on your envelope liner!

  • Do bring or send a hostess gift to a party and send a thank-you note the next day. Thanking your host or hostess for including you in their event is essential. Personalized gifts are always a perfect hostess gift any time of year. With the benefit of being able to order online at, from gifts for the home, holiday décor, or a coveted photo turned into a piece of art, it’s definitely one less stop you have to make that will fit every budget and make you look fabulous. If you want to call or text a close friend to express your gratitude, wonderful but, a handwritten thank-you note is always the best choice.

  • Don’t use or put away your holiday gifts until you write your thank-you note! This is a great incentive for children to get them done. Check out the selection of Color-in-Thank-You Cards at and let your children express their creativity and their appreciation!

  • Do use digital tools to bring everyone together! Connect your loved ones around the world and join them in those sparkling moments when you open your gifts. Use FaceTime, take and share videos, or pictures and print those split-second memories to cherish forever. There is simply no greater gift than a picture of the people who make up the fabric of our hearts.

  • Do send a thank-you note to the people who have made a difference in your life! The New Year just around the corner, it’s time to start fresh, make resolutions and let bygones be bygones. Take this opportunity to reconnect to family and friends in your life and make amends; hearts are always more open around this time. From a simple phrase of “I miss you” to an apology, or forgiveness, life is too short - don’t let another moment pass. Spread the love.

  • Don’t forget your envelope is just as important as your thank-you note! Premier party planner, Gretchen Learman Burrier at Washington, D.C.’s Blue Ribbon Events, recommends, “Embossers, personalized photo stamps, monogrammed address stickers, and return address stampers are reasonably priced at and so much fun to give as gifts or buy for yourself to create an impact in your mailbox!”

  • Do remember to thank yourself – make a blessings list! On this day, make a list of all the things you are grateful for in your life, what you love about yourself, things you want to do, embrace your accomplishments, and remember that jealously is the absence of gratitude. In the words of my dear friend acclaimed author and founder of the Protocol School of Washington, Dorothea Johnson, “If it is to be, it is up to me.”

Sample Holiday Thank-You Notes

Thank You for the Dinner Party

Dear _______,

In the words of Shakespeare, “Small cheer and great welcome makes a merry feast.” Dinner was divine and the company even more exquisite. I so appreciate your graciousness and simply cannot wait to return.

A thousand thank-yous,


Dear _______,

Nothing is more wonderful than breaking bread with the people you love and toasting to life. The wine, amazing food, and stimulating conversation created memories we will forever cherish. Here’s to many more priceless moments! Thank you, thank you, thank you!



Thank You for the Holiday Gift – Gift Card

Dear _______,

Thank you for the gift card to (name of store)! It’s truly the perfect gift for me, and I can pick out exactly what I want. Thank you for your generosity and for always finding me the most amazing (name of the holiday) presents! Happy everything!



Thank You for the Holiday Gift – Fill-in-the-blanks

Dear _______,

How did you know exactly what I wanted for (name of holiday)! I have been wanting the (name of gift) so much you don’t even know! I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and I thank you for giving it to me. Wishing you a Happy New Year!



Thank You for the Holiday Gift – Digital/Photo Thank-You

Dear _______,

Words could not express my excitement when I opened your (name of holiday) gift! Thank you for bringing joy to my world! I just love it! Merry everything! (INSERT A PHOTO OF YOU HOLDING UP THE GIFT)

Thank you,


Perhaps this time of year is so special because it is in giving that we receive. Whether it’s a little sparkle, or a joy in someone’s eyes because you thought enough to think of them, the magic of that grateful heart fills us up from head to toe like electricity, that spark is really the magic of gratitude and it’s contagious – pass it on.

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