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DIY: The Thank-You Note Box Spread Gratitude

There can be no jealously when you are grateful for what you have!

Create a thank-you note box so when the moment arrives when you need to write a thank-you note to the teacher for her help, to close that million dollar deal, for a gift received, or simply a small act of kindness - you are prepared! The thank-you note box is also a terrific way to help teach our children to take the inititive to write their own thank-you notes and express their gratitude in a digital world where everthing seems to arrive on our doorstep the very next day.

  1. The Thank You Box - Get a box, basket, fabulous shoe box, plastic bin, small wood crate - whatever works for you. If you have children, think about letting them write all over the box what they are grateful for, or paste on photos and pictures of all the things in their life they appreciate. Do include all the things you are grateful for too!

  2. Thank You Notes - Gather up all the thank-you notes and blank cards you have around the house or buy a couple that inspire you. Better yet, order personalized ones online so you have them ready when you need them – that’s the first step to getting them done. I love using Tiny Prints, Crane & Co., and of course the amazingly talented Ellen Weldon Designs in New York City.

  3. Ink Pens - Put a few nice black or blue ink pens in the box. I can't live without the Varsity disposable fountain pens from Pilot! Do include crayons for kids!

  4. Stamps - Include a sheet of stamps. The U.S. Post office offers an amazing selction of gorgeous stamps to choose from. The personalized photo stamps online from are adorable and make a memorable impression!

  5. Return Address Stamper & Labels- Not every envelope has your printed address on it order return address labels, print your own or consider getting a custom address stamper. It is a small investment under $40 that will last a life-time.

  6. 101 Ways to Say Thank You - Put in a couple copies of my best selling book series, 101 Ways to Say Thank You (Sterling; 2015) and 101 Ways to Say Thank You for Kids & Teens (Cedar Fort; 2015) available on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, in and you are good to go. With over 101 sample thank you notes for everything from business, birthdays, babies, holidays, weddings and everything in between you've got it covered to keep the blessings coming your way!

It’s important to know that you can change the world one thank you note at a time. And always… spread the light and magic of gratitude. xo

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