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101 Ways to Say Thank You 
Notes of Gratitude for Every Occasion

March 29, 2022
101 Ways to Say Thank You Notes of Gratitude for Every Occasion

"Browne’s inclusive guidelines will encourage you to pick up your pen and express yourself in ways that messages delivered via telephone or email simply can’t convey."

Dorothea Johnson - Author, Etiquette Expert and

Founder of The Protocol School of Washington®


"When saying thanks, the first step is to get the person’s name absolutely perfect.  Mr. or Dr.? Mrs., Ms., Miss or Mx.? A unique spelling of the name? When we are correctly addressed, we feel recognized. Kelly Browne’s book will guide you to perfect expressions of gratitude and happy recipients."


Robert Hickey - Author, Honor & Respect:

The Official Guide to Names, Titles and Forms of Address

"101 Ways to Say Thank You provides the tools everyone must know to elevate their personal expression of gratitude where acknowledgments of kindness, compassion, and respect are key.  Kelly makes it easier than ever to show appreciation to build and keep relationships."


Pamela Eyring - Owner & President

The Protocol School of Washington®

"101 Ways to Say Thank You transforms the classic thank-you note to a level of unparalleled class and personal style. Harness the power of gratitude in your life by writing the ultimate thank you – it’s the secret weapon to your success!" 


Debra Lassiter and April McLean, “The Etiquette Girls” Perfectly Polished, The Etiquette School and

The Etiquette and Leadership Institute



Kelly Browne is the go-to gratitude expert on thank-you note etiquette for adults and kids. She lives in Los Angeles, maintaining a popular website and blog, and uses social media to promote the “magic of gratitude.” Her advice has appeared in Parade, The Wall Street Journal, eHow, Tinyprints, and Jezebel—among many others—along with TV and podcast appearances.


101 Ways to Say Thank You

Notes of Gratitude for all Occasions (Sterling; 2015)

Nothing says good manners like an elegantly crafted thank-you note, whether on paper or by e-mail. This refreshed and reissued etiquette classic--now updated with new information for the digital age--provides all the dos and don'ts, along with a perfectly phrased "thank-you" for every occasion, from weddings and baby showers to business interviews and charity events. This indispensable guide will make sure you're never at a loss for words of appreciation.

101 Ways to Create

Mindful Forgiveness

(HCI Books; Simon & Schuster)

A heart-healing guide to forgiveness, apologies, and mindful tools for peace.

In today’s virtual world of quick emails, texting, video calls, and social media, the ability to express apologies, accept forgiveness and make peace with pain is vital, enabling you to be more successful in every area of your life. 101 Ways to Create Mindful Forgiveness is the first book to address the modern-day art of how to mindfully forgive and make amends for your own self-care and wellness–personally, publicly, and electronically. Offering personal stories, priceless practical guidance, journal prompts, plus therapeutic tools to open your heart, 101 Ways to Create Mindful Forgiveness is an imminently practical guide for anyone seeking to embrace the power of forgiveness to forge a happier, healthier life.

101 Ways to Say Thank You! for Kids & Teens - All-Occasion Thank-You Note Templates, Social Media Etiquette & Gratitude Guide 

Now there’s an easy way to show your friends and family how much you appreciate them! Learn how to say thank-you fast and often. This comprehensive gratitude guidebook contains simple suggestions for thank-you notes, texts, and emails. Express your feelings tactfully and turn gratitude into an automatic part of your life. Inside you’ll find thank-you templates for:  birthdays • holidays • friendships • team celebrations • teachers • religious events, and much more! Strengthen your relationships through thankfulness. Whether on paper or online, it’s never been easier to show your friends and family how grateful you are for their love and support.

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